Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little bit of this and that

Have spent most of the last week enjoying my husband being on vacation(leave in military jargon). Got an opportunity to shoot some HDR images at at a car show, new experience and defiantly don't have it down pat...but a nice start! I also have been catching the bellies and babies photography series on Creative Live and have learned so much.


  1. You're teasing me! Can't wait to see your HDR photos from the car show and see what you've learned from Creative Live. I'm staying tuned :)

  2. tried to add it,said file is too big! Not sure what to size it to...learning curve of being new to blogging i guess.

  3. I usually resize my photos to whatever "best fits the desktop." Or it may not like the format you're uploading. I use jpeg, which is a smaller format.