Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter in Roswell

There has always been  for me,and I'm sure its the same for many, a fine line between sticking with tradition,keeping up with the Jones,and making you own way.

Normally for Easter  the kids would be dressed in in their best spring outfit.We would do an Easter egg hunt followed by a day of them playing with new spring/summer toys: jump ropes,bubbles.hula hoops while the hubs and I cook a big ham dinner with all the fixings.Same thing year after year.Dress up,eggs,play,eat. I had mentioned to hubs that I just wasn't "feeling" Easter this year and really wanted to do something completely different,but I had no clue what.

Early Sunday morning he tells us to get ready we are going out of town. I have been pinning for the Grand Canyon since we got to this part of the country, so i was thinking maybe that is where we were going. We throw on jeans and tee-shirts, pack up a picnic lunch, get in the car and start heading north. I know we can't be going too far because the older ones have school the next day. We eat our lunch in Ruidoso,NM. It is beautiful. The pine trees and mountain air reminds me of home.As quickly as we are in those beautiful mountains we are out of them and back into the desert.

 An hour passes and we pull into Roswell, NM. Aliens for Easter! well if that isn't different I don't know what is! Half of every thing is closed due to the holiday but what we do find open is quite interesting.Also because of the day there are only a handful of other tourists to contend with. We go to the museum and learn all about what happened in the early days of July in 1947. We snapped a few dozen images, got a few souvenirs,and picked up a book. As we passed back thew Ruidoso we stopped at a roadside dinner and ate hamburgers as we watched the sunset over the hills of pine. Was it conventional, not at all, but I couldn't have asked for a better Easter!

Here are few links for you. The first is about the crash itself 
The second is to the museum we visited


  1. Aww Heather, that sounds like A LOT of fun!!! Glad your Easter was super special :)