Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Overcoming fear

I haven't blogged in a bit. I'd love to tell you I had a great excuse but I don't. I would like to find a blogging circle or something,a group of folks to hold me accountable for keeping this thing fresh! I would gladly return the favor! This blog is about me:my life,my photography,my business but it is also about over coming a fear.

When I was younger I sang in choir and acted.I acted in high school,and with two local theater group afterwards.I taught at a theater camp. In my early adult life I worked in radio. I was a late-night DJ and a promotions intern. I worked on the sale floor at Lowes years latter and was one of the top sales people in our district because I was well spoken and could sell the customers on the benefits of buying what ever it was they wanted, may that be mulch,mowers,or microwaves! I have no issue talking in front of people. I feel like I can get my point across well with the spoken word, the written word is a whole other world!

                                                                                 I had teacher after teacher and my parents(who are both very bright people) tell me if I just tried harder,proof read more, didn't rush,or studied I would do better. I did try,I prof read multiple times, worked at a snails pace,and studied regularly and I never got much return from my time investment. I'll admit by high school I didn't study like I should or spend the time like I did when I was younger. Why should I, it had never helped in the past.    
                                                                                                                                             Before any one points out that grammar is in no way tied to dyslexia let me say,I know that, but when you are discouraged about English and no matter how hard you try you grades continue to be lacking you quit paying attention and you miss those finer points.                                      

My inability to communicate via writing turned from a problem in school to something that hampered me in my work life and turned into nearly a phobia! The wonder of Facebook helped a little with that.I wrote,but just little snippets and when well meaning people did point out my errors, I felt incredibly stupid. Facebook posts don't constitute quality writing thou! I know I needed more and decided I would start a blog.                                

I hope to turn my photography love and small business into a career. I would love to be able to share the world  I see and actually get paid to do so! It would be a dream to make a living  traveling the world seeing amazing things and being able to capture that in images.I want people to love what I capture of them enough to put on the walls of their homes. I want to flip thew a magazine and see one of my images. I want to pick up a book one day and have every photo in it be my work

                                                                                                          Without getting a grip on writing those dreams are out of reach. There are many wonderful artists out there but the famous ones or even the ones able to support their family off what they do have to be more than artists.They have to be able conduct business,marketing,promoting themselves, communicate with their clients,staff, and outside world often in writing and sound professional and educated in doing so.

 I may have better quality art then my the person down the road, I may be able to tell my client face to face all the ways I am the gal for the job,but in all likelihood my clients first glimpse of me will be in written form:  a flyer,on Facebook, via Twitter,threw email, on my website, or my blog, and if they see a heap of errors it might leave them thinking I am lazy or simply don't care about the small details and as a photographer it is all about being active and seeing the small details!                                                                                                                             .

Hopefully thew this blog and other forms of public writing I can over come what is holding me back and make my dreams happen! Wanted to share with you a few of my favorite images from the last two years or so. Enjoy!


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