Friday, June 8, 2012

100 stranger prodject

I wish I was more bold.,that I could walk up to anyone and just say "Hey, My name is Heather, I'm a photographer, and this is why you should hire me..." It just doesn't come natural to me! I see artists in my area who I know I am far more skilled than, that I have spent far more time educating myself about everything photography related from modeling to marketing than they have and yet they are far more busy than I am. Confidence in myself is what is holding me back in a huge way.

I found this project called the 100 stranger project that in effect force me to approach people and convince them to let me take their image. It is terrifying but I know I will learn so much by doing it

My first shot was taken at a multi tribe pow-wow. There were so many amazing things to see,taste,and purchase. I can tell you honestly had the girl not knocked over my gear I never would have asked, kind of felt that in that moment she would do it as an sorry for that type of thing! She and her sister where Navajo dancers. I loved their outfits, but adored their sparkling eyes.

The second shot I knew exactly what I planned to shoot before going out. It was national donuts day and I was taking my two younger sons out for a treat. The first person I asked turned me down.Her reason was that "she was so ugly" I thought she was beautiful, but what do you say to that other than "no your not" The second one was up for me taking his image but not much on conversation.

Other than just the image, you are suppose to tell about them. You are capturing the persons image AND their story! As a military family where we are right now is not a place we will likely see again once we leave so for me personally it is important to capture all my 100 strangers while we are in El Paso so I will not just be telling the story of 100 people but a slice of my family's story!

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  1. Hi Heather. Found you from 100Strangers discussion. Great start on the project. Must've been a busy donut day - looks like they were almost sold out!