Monday, November 19, 2012

Business plan

Obviously it is important to build on shooting skills as a photographer. There should be an constant effort to produce better and better images. i am a business person as well, so i also have to have a concrete business plan and marketing strategy... or so I'm learning!
I have been scouring the net looking for resources to help me establish the frame work I feel I need. There is a decent amount of info but not a lot of hands on resources that are free or cheep. What I have found though is pretty amazing!(links at bottom of page)
My hope is that in 2013 I will not only be a better and more confident photographer but that I will also be a smarter more organized business woman.

 Marketing education and  resources:

Business planning resources: it is dated 2012 but will obviously work for 2013

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  1. Being artistic and creative is only half the battle Heather. Good on you for recognising the importance of a business plan.