Saturday, March 3, 2012


As a photography babies and brides scare me more than anything out there.I'd rather photograph a group of 100 than 1 bride or baby! Thankfully this little guy is my youngest child so I didn't mind with him. He looks almost nothing like this now given its been about 9 months! I really hope to get more comfortable with the babies and have a few newborn clients...still no desire to deal with the brides!


  1. Ha ha, I don't blame you....but babies I think if I was a photographer would be my favorite. BTW your baby is so precious in this photo.

  2. I dont know what it is about babys, maybe like brides you don't get a re-do.You are only that tiny once! If the weather is bad or the little one is cranky you can always resced when they are 2, cause in two weeks little will have changed!Babies are a 1 time get it perfect or its gone deal...Oh well I'll take up from 6m to 20somthing when they become a bride that works for me!

    Thanks by the way 'bout my little guy