Friday, March 23, 2012

What?! I have to learn marketing too!

I  am comfortable in my photography at this point enough to start putting myself out there.This blog was a big step in doing that as well as getting over my writing phobia! I'm no Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz or my new found photog love Simon Powell...but I'd like to think I'm at least at the top of the bell curve, at least in my area!

It didn't take long to realize though that it isn't only talent you need in art to make anything at it  or get recognition, you need business sense and marketing skills. You are selling you the artist as much as you are the art!  I know I can be a great sales woman if I try.I could sell a lawn mover to a man with no grass if I tried hard enough!

I had been looking and looking for  weeks for a free layout to design exactly what I needed for my business was just not to be found.  I decided I was just going to have to buy one but the penny pincher that I am just kept getting turned off by the sticker shock of how expensive they were.
I decided to vent to a group of wonderful gals I know online about my frustration and one of them not only pointed me in the direction of one that was a fraction of what else I was seeing but was exactly what I was looking for style and color wise. She then surprised me with a coupon that made it even less than I had planed! I am indeed feeling blessed and am over the moon happy with my purchase.

This step probably seems so tiny to some but for me it is a big step in laying the foundation for success! Buying something for myself is not something I'm used to doing, but when that little bit of guilt creeps in that I have, I'm going to swat it away with the mantra that I am make a concentrated effort to investing in myself this year!


I'm not sure if these photos will stay,
but for the moment here is my reminder card!


Little tid bit about me...I actually used to sell lawn mower,once apon a time!


  1. Heather whenever you start getting that feeling of guilt, remember that your not just doing this wonderful business for yourself, but yes, you are doing it for your family as well. For one you are bringing in extra income which is good for the whole family, and two it makes you happy. We all know that if Momma is happy, EVERYONE is happy :) so don't worry about investing in your business, it will all be paid in full very soon.

  2. Awesome, Heather! You're making great progress not just in your art, but your business :) Proud of you!