Tuesday, April 3, 2012

about me

So after looking at my webpage, http://heatherhughesphotography.weebly.com/ , it was suggested to me that I wright an about me section. I am clueless as to what to mention. It is a business page so  do they care to know I'm a mother of 4? Do they want to know where im  coming from as much as where I am located?  Do I keep it like a resume or more like a glimpse of the Heather my friends and family know?
Do I write it as me or in third person? SO many Questions!

Hi, My name is Heather. I feel in love with the art of photography as a young girl. I loved looking at images of days long since passed. My great grandparents(nanny and papa) on their wedding day looking so youthful and fresh it is an glimpse of them I never could have  pictured only having known them in their 70's and 80's. I can see some of myself inthe beautiful hand colored and blank and white images of my grandmother as a young lady. I'm glad someone took the time to capture the beauty of my mother at 16 so that I her daughter could appreciate it. I'm equally glad my parents took the time to have portrait of me done as a little girl. Those images are timeless and priceless. I hope to be able to capture moments like that for my clients.

thats all I have at the moment...where do I go from there?

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  1. Heather I think that is a good start. I think it's neat how you added generation pictures to your bio. People do get curious to know more about the people who are doing business for them. What you did is give them just enough.